Amazon Kindle DX – bigger, thinner and still US only


All of America is laughing at Europe once again as Amazon launches the US-only Kindle DX reader.

The e-ink gadget has shot up to a 9.7-inch screen size while magically slimming down to a hyper-thin 0.38 inches and a weight of just 535g. It’ll now also deal with PDF files natively rather than having to convert them.

The screen is 250% bigger than the old incarnation, the battery lasts 20% longer and the whole device is 100% less ugly. You can download books over 3G and Wi-Fi in under a minute without paying any kind of monthly subscription and there’s already a library of over 275,000 novels as well as a wealth of newspapers after deals were struck with the New York Times and Wall Street Journal as well as magazines including The New Yorker and Time.

The Kindle DX packs 4GB (3.3 usable) of storage, it charges in four hours by micro USB and has a 3.5mm jack for audio playback. It’s available for $489.00 and is largely useless anywhere outside the US.

Dell to launch 'Adamo' MacBook Air competitor?


Mac fanboys aside, most of us realised that the Macbook Air was a crystallisation of everything that Apple does – it was an archetypal Apple product. The ridiculous price, the underperforming components, and lack of features, but OH SO PRETTY! That’s why I’m a little nervous that Dell are trying to emulate the machine.

The New York Times, after noticing a few ‘Adamo’ trademark filings, did some digging on Google and eventually confronted Dell’s vice president in charge of consumer sales and marketing, Michael Tatelman, asking him if there was an Air-like product in store. His response? Click over the jump to find out.

Steve Jobs "I'm an arrogant **** but I'm not sick"


Following Apple’s incredible share price drop caused by recent Steve Jobs health scares, it seems Apple is trying to reassure people that Steve’s A-OK and full of beans, vigour and, we might even suggest, spunk.

Originally, Apple put Steve’s visible weight loss down to a “common bug” – but the truth is, slowly, beginning to out. Thanks to Steve phoning a journalist and giving him the full facts.

“This is Steve Jobs. You think I’m an arrogant…