Shiny Video Preview: USB Microscope

While Lucy gets to play with nifty little camcorders, I get to fully geek-out with the previously-reported USB microscope. Ever wanted to see what the Queen’s nose looks like up close? Now you can. I don’t recommend, however, that you point it at a tower block and look into people’s rooms though. You could get in really big trouble doing that. Oh… I’ve, er.. got to go. The police have just showed up…

"Microscope on a chip" could lead to mobile magnification


Scientists from the Californian Institute of Technology have developed a high resolution microscope which is small enough to fit on a fingertip.

It uses “microfluidics” with a grid of CCD sensors — as used in digital cameras — to allow the liquid being analysed to be viewed in high magnification.

The chip needs to be illuminated from above, but sunlight is sufficient, meaning that it could provide a useful mobile solution for medical diagnosis in developing countries, as well as anywhere else…

USB is taking over the world: now we have the Nandemo microscope

I’m not quite sure if some of the photos above are NSFW or not, but nonetheless, this article and the accompanying picture are sure to put you off your lunch.

The other USB creators (y’know, not Brando, but the similar-sounding Thanko), are planning on releasing a – get this, geeks – USB-powered microscope. Dubbed the ‘Nandemo Microscope’, it’ll allow you to get your perve on and provide you with close-up views of all those parts of your body you always wanted to check out. There’s four different attachments to the microscope, which allow you to perform oral exams, look inside ears, and focus in on your skin and hair…