Scientists design ingestible electronic pill that can be controlled wirelessly

An electronic capsule that can be ingested and controlled wirelessly to deliver drugs has been designed by scientists, in an effort to reduce surgical procedures. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology believe that the device could be used to provide drugs to users for a variety of diseases that require medication over longer periods…

Philips develops iPill – an 'intelligent' pill. Because normal pills are Thicky McThick


Philips, ever the purveyor of useful biotechnology, has developed an intelligent pill. The device contains a chip, a battery, a wireless radio, a pump and a drug reservoir. The device is still only a prototype, but it’ll be presented at a conference in Atlanta later this month and Philips say it’s already suitable for serial manufacturing.

It’s also got a thermometer and acidity sensor, thought to be a minituarised human with some litmus paper. The idea is that it waits until it’s in exactly the right part of your gut before it releases its life-giving load and makes your tummy feel all better. It means that much lower doses of powerful drugs can be used.

Philips (via Reuters)

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