And finally… brave GPS-equipped turtle foils amateur drug grower


A keen marijuana user hit upon the great idea of using some off-the-track American park land to grow himself a few special plants.

In these environmentally worrisome times, you’d think he’d be applauded – but no. When a box turtle equipped with a GPS tracking device stumbled into his little outdoor hydroponics lab, the park ranger followed, found his stash and…

Get the Monster Munch ready, as it's Nintendo 64 controller/bong hybrid time!

You’ve got to wonder whether this kid ever considered the fact that a picture of a handmade bong created from an N64 controller would fly around the interweb faster at the speed of a, well, unstoned kid, and more than likely get back to his parents somehow. No dessert for you for three weeks!

Obviously we’re not condoning the use of drugs (but excessive boozing, smoking and coffee-swilling is A-OK by us, and actually…