Tech Digest solves your Christmas woes: top five laptops

Christmas is fast approaching, and every day until the Big Overeating Day, we’re going to feature a top five list of products you may be thinking of buying those you’re obligated to provide for. Ahh, it’s a wonderful thing, this Christmas malarky.

Today…laptops! Specifically, the best laptops money can buy in time for the 25th of December.

1.) HP Pavilion dv2600 Special Entertainment notebook – it may be a mouthful by name, but by…

Dig Alfie Allen and want to send him a present this Christmas? Read on…

The sibling cash-cow that is Alfie Allen has kindly shared his top Christmas gadgets list online, because quite simply – what would we do this Christmas without knowing what Lily Allen’s younger brother is pining for? I’m surprised we’ve managed this far without it!

Included in his list of GIMME GIMMES, DON’T YOU KNOW I’M LILY ALLEN’S BROTHER AND WILL STAR IN DANIEL RADCLIFFE’S LEFTOVERS list are several games, such as SingStar Party, which is available on the PS2 or PS3…

Are these the 30 most popular blogs in the world today?

top_30_blog_list.gifAccording to one research firm, other blog popularity-ranking services are flawed because they only use one or two measurements to calculate the most popular blogs.

They, on the other hand, use a schmorgasboard of statistics including inbound links from the likes of Yahoo and Google, Alexa (does anyone normal actually use their toolbar?), plus US unique monthly visitor data.

Spotting a fundamental flaw in this already?

Or, in other words, how many of those blogs are not US-based?

Top ten list of female video-game characters you should idolise

Discussions to the tune of ‘zomg teh jubblies on teh Dead or Alive birds are da hax0r, w00t!’ are as commonplace on the ‘tinternet as rumours about the iPhone release date, so I’m not surprised to discover the latest top ten list of ‘the hottest game babes to date’ doing the rounds of the gaming blogs this week. Is anyone else tired of these inane lists, where every mammary-bulging heroine looks like a carbon copy of the one before her, with taut thighs glistening in sweat at every available opportunity? Whatever happened to having some nice wholesome girl-next-door type characters to idolise, that you can happily play a game featuring the vixen infront of your Dad, and not fear an embarassing pants-tent episode? Together with several other hot-blooded controller-wielding men from the Shiny game blogs, I’ve put together a list of who I think deserves to be on the Shiny Shiny Top Ten List Of Gaming Vixens who aren’t just featured for their 34-24-34 ratio and ability to knock out a vertically-challenged man with a simple quiver of the lady-lumps.