eBay Nutcase of the Week: Woman sells cheating husband's condom wrapper and "the tart's knickers"


A spurned wife is currently selling a photograph of a pair of knickers she found in her bed, along with a “small” condom wrapper her husband foolishly left behind as evidence of his adultery.

The angry lady’s listing originally offered the actual knickers, but was taken down due to eBay laws regarding the selling of used underwear. An eBay spokesman said “We let her know about the policy and instead she’s now selling a photograph of the offending knickers…”

NSFW! Video shows Vavoom knickers, which contain front pockets for storing a vibrating phone!


The Reg has pointed us to a rather saucy video advertising Vavoom ‘Call Me Panty’ knickers, which are “special panties for that special someone. Simply turn your phone to vibrate”. As you’re suddenly realising, as the blood drains from your head, these pants have a little pocket on the front for holding your mobile phone, just as long as it’s set to ‘vibrate’. Finally, a way for your BlackBerry to really come in between you and your loved one, and for only $8.95 as well…