OPINION: Twitter is for twits – oh really?


My first Twitter update was “Laughing at Katie’s birdwatching geekdom” on January 16th 2007, on the CatwalkQueen Twitter. I wasn’t an early adopter – Twitter launched in 2006 – but I have racked up a couple of thousand updates since that first one. The only thing that’s changed is that I’ve moved to my own account where my updates are slightly more frequent and a lot more irrelevant.

This week the anti-Twitter brigade have been out in full. Now that celebs like Stephen Fry, Phillip Schofield, Andi Peters and Jonathan Ross are spreading the word away from the geeks and the “social media experts” everyone’s jumping on the hate bandwagon. “Twitter is for Twits” read one (predictable) headline in the Telegraph. Congrats to Bryony Gordon (or her sub) for pissing off 6 million people before even starting the article. That’s a pretty good move, I bet the…