WIN WIN WIN! – Nintendo DS and a copy of Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Jedi Alliance – last day!


Just a quick reminder that today’s the last day to enter our Nintendo DS competition. Want to pretend that your stylus is a mini-lightsaber? Now’s your chance!

It’s ridiculously easy to enter. Go here, fill in the form, and hit okay. Go do it now, in fact. Imagine how jolly your little kid (or you, if you’re sprog-free) will feel on Christmas day when he or she unwraps it.

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Star Wars MMO: The Old Republic announced


In July, CEO of EA John Riccitiello revealed the existence of a second Star Wars massively-multiplayer-online-game, or MMOG, as they’re known. The first, Star Wars Galaxies, was initially popular when released in 2003, but after sweeping changes were made to the gameplay in late 2005, players left in their droves. This new attempt at hooking the vast intellectual property that is Star Wars into a MMO framework looks like it could be successful…

Think Geek's Star Wars slippers demand you choose between forces

star-wars-slippers.jpgI love how these Star Wars slippers from ThinkGeek epitomises geekiness in every extremity. Can you imagine sitting back, playing Lego Star Wars on your PS2, and having these bad boys warming your tootsies up?

As with all decisions you make in life, there’s the good and the bad option – do you sheath your feet in Jed-friendly Yodas, or evil Sith-like Darth Vaders? The decisions, the decisions. After you’ve tossed up the pros…