iPhone 3G S secret specs leaked by T-Mobile

iphone spec.jpg

The secret behind what makes the iPhone 3G S tick is out the bag this morning after the Dutch carrier of the latest Apple phone spilled the beans on their website. The three phrases that come into my head are “whoops”, “ha ha ha” and “nice”.

As it goes, they’re pretty much what we expected from the rumours all those weeks ago and I’m rather chuffed on my guesswork in the super smartphone comparison feature I put together yesterday.

All the same, I’m sure Apple is none to pleased that T-Mobile wasn’t quite with the program. Personally, I don’t see what there was to hide. A 600MHz processor and 256MB RAM is a perfectly respectable chipset. It could be something to do with all the iPhone 3G handsets that are about to be pelted at O2 execustives.

(via Wired)