iPhone UK launch: Steve Jobs makes the announcement

I was three rows away. Three freakin’ rows, as Susi might say. Do you understand what this means? It makes your Cons’ laces untie themselves with the sheer untarnished geek cool of it. You’re ready to whip out your credit card whether you want the damn device or not because he’s just so bloody personable. I was thisclose to Steve Jobs, an international inspiration for the modern CEO and personal hero, and what was the first thing that crossed my mind?

iPhone UK launch: Liveblogging the Apple press conference


So, here we go again. It’s a cold September morning, and yet again, we’re all here, poised, ready and waiting for an Apple announcement. Except this one is slightly different.

We know what the product is. We don’t know who’s going to tell us about it (there are rumours that we’ll get an Actual Steve Sighting) and we’re not entirely sure what the details are going to be (although the smart money is on O2). It’s also UK specific, lending further weight to the iPhone-report stuff. If Steve does turn up, I’m three rows from the front. If the phone does go to O2, I have an O2 contract. And if it’s not an iPhone announcement? Well, we’re all screwed.