While Dan’s away, I’ve been pretending he’s here by playing this video in the background at all times. Now that it’s got a little repetitive for me, I thought you might fancy doing the same. It’s the new iPAQs from HP. I think they’re very nice, but why not let Dan tell you his opinion? Click play above.


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Review: HP iPAQ 500 Series

The propaganda

Normally, when I think smartphone, I think QWERTY keyboards. I think bulky touchscreen displays and 3G (or better yet, HSDPA) connectivity. So the HP iPAQ 500 Series candybar handset is a bit of a break from the norm. It runs Windows Mobile 6.0 and as such comes with the full range of push email and mobile office applications, media player and Windows Live Messenger, yet it is still barely bigger than any ordinary camera phone.