Meet The Bloggers: Gary Cutlack, Tech Digest writer, UK Resistance and Idiot Toys supremo

gary%20and%20sonic.JPGFollowing on with our self-indulgence here at Tech Digest, it’s time for you to meet our newest recruit, Gary Cutlack. Hopefully all of you are familiar with the blogs UK Resistance and Idiot Toys (we steal his content every other week, so you should ruddy well be by now), well Gary is the man behind it all. Yep, we’ve hired Commander Zorg, as he’s been known the last 10 years or so since he first started up his angry, opinionated anti-blog, and you’ve been unknowingly reading his articles the past two dates. But don’t worry – he’ll try to keep his anti-Sony and anti-Apple opinions to himself as much as possible. Yes, we got an angry email from Stuart yesterday, sigh.

Gary Cutlack…