REVIEW: JBL Soundfly Air AirPlay wireless speaker

The JBL Soundfly Air is one of the only truly wireless speakers out there, plugging directly into a wall without a power cable. It's a unique speaker, but will its niche design limit its appeal? Read our full review to find out!

REVIEW: Teufel Concept D 500 THX PC speakers

PC speakers come in many shapes, sizes and price brackets. While most of the time we'll be happy to sift through our iTunes catalogue with a respectably priced and spec'ed set of desktop noise makers, the audiophile in everyone sometimes wants a little bit more class to go along with those lossless tracks. Enter then the Teufel Concept D 500 THX PC speakers; massive in both physical size and pricing and packing THX certification, does more dough equate to more sonic bang for your buck?