Mike Skinner's Glasto headphones – the Sony MDR-XB700s

If you went to Glastonbury last weekend, or even if you just soaked it up on TV with the Beeb, you may have been aware that Mike Skinner of The Streets made a crop-circle impression of his face on a field near the festival site.


In the image he is sporting a pair of headphones. The same headphone he wore whilst he was performing. The same pair of headphones he described had become “part of my soul” on Twitter.

So what headphones were they? Well, they were none other than the Sony MDR-XB700.

The XB700s have a powerful, ultra-low bass response and a driver unit that reproduces low frequencies accurately. The XB stands for ‘eXtra-Bass’ and these headphones are aimed at the bass-heavy music fan. That’s a lot of ‘bass’ in one paragraph but I think you get the picture.

Their manufactured from synthetic leather and the king-sized ear cushions reduce sound loss. The urethane cushion spreads pressure evenly, providing comfortable wear over extended listening periods. The XB700s have a frequency response of 3-28.000Hz and the driver unit is a 50mm dome type.

Keep checking back on TD and we’ll give these headphones the once over in the not too distant future.

Sony Centres will sell you the XB700s for £100 although you can get them a bit cheaper if you search around. £77.49 on Amazon for example.

Orange GlastoNav – your perfect festival buddy


Orange has released an update to their GlastoNav app ahead of this weekend’s festival. The app will work on most smartphones and across all networks.

GlastoNav will provide info on all the bands performing at the festival – with bios written by The Guardian. More useful than that is the stage-times feature which should work out a darned sized cheaper than buying one of those plastic lanyards at the site.

Also included is an interactive map which will provide details of the whole site, including opening times of specific venues and directions between stages. The interactive map will also be used for competitions and promotions across the weekend.

Another useful feature is the My Schedule where you can not only plan your Glastonbury experience but also save your friend’s schedules too.

GlastoNav is free direct from Orange although, at 350kb, some data charges may be applicable depending on your mobile plan. Interactive features may also require a data connection as well so be aware of that.

My Glasto tips: Go see Jarvis and don’t miss Blur. Wear plenty of protection – from the sun. Eat, drink and be merry but don’t eat the mushroom omelettes. Drugs are bad. Mmmkay?