Ghostbusters busts ghosts, maybe kicks off a new format war?


If there’s something strange, in the neighborhood, who are you going to call? Failing the ambulance, the fire brigade and the police, your best bet is probably the fourth emergency service, the Ghostbusters (lets face it, mountain rescue and the coast guard are, if anything, less valid than the Ghostbusters, especially in inland urban areas). So it’s a little odd that despite the abundance of cop films, hospital dramas and, er, London’s Burning, that there are only two films and a couple of spin-off TV series about the Ghostbusters. There is a silver lining to this travesty, though: the latter is almost ubiquitously available. Now not only can you own Ghostbusters on DVD and, presumably, internet download and Blu-ray, but Argos are selling the first film, bizarrely, on a USB memory stick.