Lightsaber umbrella – turning Jedis into Stormtroopers


The answer you’re looking for is no. No, you can never have enough Star Wars themed merchandise – certainly not in rainy old England where not even a Jedi mind trick can prevent a downpour.

Instead, equip yourself with the £19.99 lightsaber umbrella. It’s got three internal LEDs, which light up the shaft when you hit the button, but, sadly, you’ll have to make all the sound effects yourself – probably quite fun when you’re cutting through all the pedestrain traffic.

Three AAA batteries are not included, which is a shame because that’s what it require to work, and the whole thing is 84cm long. Suitable for those 12 and over apparently.

You know, I don’t think I can use the word “shaft” with a straight face any more. How did you fair reading it?