VWFE: What's the future for virtual worlds?


Phew. We’re at the final session of the Virtual Worlds Forum Europe conference, and my head is spinning from all the ideas buzzing around from the last two days. The final panel should provide a few more, since it’s focused on The Future. Where is all this going, and what will it mean for us punters?

We’re just getting the first William Gibson quote of the session. Who had 5.6 seconds in the sweepstake? Marvellous. First up, the panellists are going to introduce themselves. Professor Richard Bartle from the University of Essex says he co-wrote the first virtual world in 1978. “That’s all I need to say really.”

VWFE: The legal pitfalls of virtual worlds

virtual-worlds-legal.gifOh my. I’m at the Virtual Worlds Forum Europe still, and it’s about to get hardcore in a legal eagly way. The next panel session is ‘Legal and regulatory issues relating to virtual worlds’. In other words, can you get your avatar arse sued or arrested for something you do in virtualand?

First up is David Naylor, partner in the technology law group at Field Fisher Waterhouse, which actually has a Second Life office. He says the legal issues range from what exactly an in-world asset is, and who actually owns it (you, or the company that runs the virtual world).

YouTube Video of the Day – John Kerry questioner gets tasered by US police

It happened a couple of days ago, but this video is already causing a big stir on YouTube. A student at a John Kerry forum asks a few testy questions and as a result, is arrested by US police and tasered. Remember when US colleges were the hotbed of political debate? Not anymore. For a news report on the incident click here and for another angle from someone in the attendance, click here.

Shiny Media Poll: Shall we bring Web 2.0 to Tech Digest?

As you learnt on Monday, Shiny Media is expanding even more into the Web 2.0 world, with the recent creation of our Who Ate All The Pies football web community. We also have Shiny Fashion Forums for all our fashionista friends, but would you be interested in seeing a community targeted, well, at you? Somewhere to discuss general gadgetry and geekery, yet another excuse to skive off work?

Shiny Video Interview: Kat speaks to Jason Calacanis of Mahalo.com about Google, Nick Denton, Ask.com and who his next frenemy will be

Last night I had the privilege of speaking to Jason Calacanis, fresh off the plane from the US., on his first trip to the UK. Here to attend the NMK Forum (from which I’m liveblogging from as we speak), he had some exciting news to announce the next day, of which we’ve since learnt is Mahalo’s Greenhouse. Take a look at the video to hear him talk about his online ‘rivals’…

NMK Forum 2007 – liveblogging Jason Calacanis's announcement about Mahalo.com's Greenhouse

nmk-logo.jpgToday I’m liveblogging straight from the NMK Forum 2007, (New Media Knowledge), which is an annual conference dealing with social media, and the impact it has on the future.

Stay tuned throughout the day for live updates on Web 2.0 notables like Jason Calacanis (Mahalo.com), Jem Stone (BBC New Media), Tom Bureau (CNET), Jyri Engeström (Jaiku) and our very own Ashley Norris.