SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: Flip MinoHD – 720p recording and under 100g


Let’s make this simple. If you like the original Flip Mino, you’re going to ache for the MinoHD. Same kettle of bananas, only this time with 720/30p video recording instead of boring old VGA. Want to know what that looks like? Press play on the box below…

There’s only a couple of real issues with what is one of the best camcorders I’ve held in my hands. The first is that it’s mono sound recording. Not much you can do there if you want to keep the weight down. The second is the price.

Now, £169.99 isn’t that expensive but it is a) around double what you’d pay for the VGA Mino and b) a little bit more than other Full HD camcorders to be hitting the shelves very soon.

Doubtless the Flip MinoHD will still do well. The battery lasts a lifetime, the 4GB/60mins recording memory is ace and I’ll be very sad when it’s time to send mine back.


Flip MinoHD heading to UK shelves on 7th April


Almost one year on and Flip Video is back at us with a revamped version of everyone’s favourite pocket-sized camcorder. Ladies, gentlemen, I give you the Flip MinoHD. Can anyone guess how they’ve upgraded it?

Yes, it’s all in the name. We’re now looking at the world’s smallest HD video camera – 720p of course – and they’ve accordingly upped the onboard memory to 4GB so that you can still capture that magic 60 minutes of footage.

It’ll cost you £169.99 when it comes out on 7th April, which seems slightly on the expensive side after the likes of the Toshiba Camileo P10 was announced, but then it does come with easy to use Flip software and a whopping big fan base. Bound to be a hit once more.


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