VIDEO: Japanese exoskeleton suit called "HAL".

There’s a long comic book tradition of people going slightly doo-lally, building massive robot suits in their garage, and then stomping all over their enemies. Well, the Japanese just did it. They’ve built HAL, who looks like he’ll stomp all over you in an instant.

HAL is worn over your arms and legs, and uses eight motors to attached to your shoulders, elbows, knees and waist to control your movements. Let just hope that whoever’s controlling it has the same ideas about what you want to do as you do. Still, longer term, this could be an incredible help for the disabled.

(via WeirdAsiaNews)

Cosplaying as Ripley out of Aliens? The Sarcos exoskeleton may come in handy


Right then, Mr Alien. Just you try and get your stinking, slimy, acid-filled fingers on poor little Newt NOW!

The robotic exoskeleton dream has just STOMPED one foot further toward reality, with the arrival of this – the Sarcos Inc. full-body robotic suit.

Sensing then almost instantaneously amplifying the movements of the wearer, Sarcos reckons this unit can strengthen the average US soldier by up to 20 times. The prototype unit exists, works, and the US Army is apparently planning on starting field tests as early as next year, when the robosuit…