First seen at CES, the EX-S10 camera from Casio's Exilim Card series is now available


Bit of a fluffy story which is perhaps better suited to our pink sister-blog Shiny Shiny, but it wouldn’t be like us to ignore a camera launch! Particularly when it’s a new model from Casio’s Exilim Card series.

We saw the EX-S10 back at CES, where I took about a dozen hands-on photos of the super-slim camera which Casio is touting as a ‘catwalk accessory’. With a 10.1-megapixel sensor, they have a 3x optical zoom and 2.7″ LCD screen…

CES 2008: Casio Exilim EX-Z80, EX-Z200, EX-Z100 and world's thinnest 10.1-megapixel camera, EX-S10

Casio Exilim digital cameras are definitely a Marmite product, with the division between lovers and haters almost as big as the HD format war. There’s three new additions to the Zoom range, with the EX-Z80 (pictured) featuring a 3x optical alongside 8.1-megapixels, then the EX-Z200 and EX-Z100 both containing 10.1-megapixels, wide-angle 28mm lens…