Run Ubuntu Linux in Windows with Portable Ubuntu


I know, I know – you keep meaning to install Linux and shake off the influence of “The Man” on everything you do, but every time you try it you get confused by partitions and command line worries. Well relax, we’ve got your back with the news of an app called Portable Ubuntu.

It sits on a thumb drive and provides a GNOME-based version of Ubuntu that’ll happily sit alongside all your Windows apps. In fact, you can totally ignore it if you want to, safe in the knowledge that if anyone ever sends you a tar.gz you’ll be sorted. Who knows, maybe you just prefer Ubuntu apps, but occasionally need to run the odd Windows program that doesn’t play nice with WINE.

In fact, I’ll buy a pint for anyone who uses this to run Windows apps with WINE and provides video evidence. My head’s hurting just thinking about it – send it to us at @techdigest.