Tons of new domain names to hit the web – a .disaster waiting to .happen?


The internet regulator, ICANN, has given the thumbs up to a massive overhaul of domain names, a move that may dramatically change the way people surf the internet. The agency voted unanimously to relax its stance on top-level domain names, throwing the floodgates open for a near infinite number of new addresses, many likely to be centred around your favourite internet activities: .news, .shopping, .email or .copyrightinfringement

Hackers can exploit ISPs quest for cash by spoofing non-existent web sites


For a while now, some Internet Service Providers have been taking advantage of unused domain names and subdomains in order to make some cash by displaying advertising when someone types in a non-existent web site address.

A recent study by IOActive security researcher Dan Kaminsky proves there’s a security flaw that could let malicious hackers set up authentic-looking web sites in order to fool Web users…