Activision announces DJ Hero, Guitar Hero 5 & Band Hero


It’s long been mooted and now it’s official. Activision is releasing a dance music version of their music games called DJ Hero. It’s coming out this autumn and just in time for the Christmas rush.

The turntable controlled title will be accompanied by the fifth version of Guitar Hero and a family friendly incarnation of the rock classic simply called Band Hero. GH5 sounds pretty much identical to World Tour except with a new track list. You’ll be able to change difficulty levels, band members and swap in and out of songs on the fly but that doesn’t seem like ground breaking stuff. Still, looking forward to it nonetheless.

Band Hero will feature poppier top 40 hits and is generally designed not to scare off mums, dads and a few girlfriends too, whereas is DJ Hero is for hip-hop, R&B, Motown, electronica and dance. Looking forward to the track lists. Got my fingers crossed for some gangster rap.

(via Slashgear)

Activision accused of sabotaging development of DJ Hero competitor


The world of big-budget game development is got particularly murky today as Activision, who will be releasing the forthcoming DJ Hero title, was accused of interfering with a contract and misappropriating trade secrets relating to the development of a competing title.

“Scratch: The Ultimate DJ” is the game in question, which is being developed by a company called 7Studios and published by lawsuit-filer Genius Products. The latter alleges that Activision approached it to buy Scratch, but when the company turned down the offer, Activision bought the developers (7Studios) instead. Now, Genius claims, Activision and 7Studios have been withholding code, controllers and other products so that the launch of Scratch will be delayed.

Whether the lawsuit succeeds will depend very much on what the contract between 7Studios and Genius says. If 7Studios has indeed been sharing proprietary technology with Activision and withholding code then there might be trouble. For the moment, 7Studios are continuing work on the game, but given the legal situation the whole thing has got into, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole project ends up eventually cancelled.

Full text of lawsuit (via Variety)

DJ Hero coming this year


Not really into guitars? More a fan of the humble DJ? Well, don’t worry – Activision’s got a videogame for you too. The games publisher’s CEO, Bobby Kotick, has confirmed that DJ Hero is in production. He told CNBC:

“We have this product called DJ Hero coming out later this year which is a turntable that you can actually play competitively, spin discs and mix on”

He also talked up the benefits of online play and tacky plastic peripherals. I’m with him on the former, but I’m not sure about the latter. I’m hoping that DJ hero will cater for Indie DJs, too.


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