TD Tips: Gadgets to use on the toilet


Today is World Toilet Day! Didn’t know that, did you? No, you probably won’t meet many people who knew about it either. Not exactly the first one you pen into your diary at the beginning of the year.

All the same, World Toilet Day is here, whether you’re ready or not, to celebrate the humble, yet vitally important, toilet and make us consider its importance. Two and a half billion worldwide go without one which is more than an icky thought when you consider the amount of problems caused in the spread of parasites and disease. So, next time you sit upon your cool, comfy piece of porcelain remember how lucky you are.

In the mean time, we at Tech Digest join in the World Toilet Day celebrations by considering what a wonderfully productive place the toilet can be. There’s plenty you can get done, apart from the obvious, and so, here for your questionable pleasure are our tips for our favourite gadgets to use on the toilet.