Guitar Hero cupcakes are packed with star power


At the moment, I’ve got a bunch of chocolate cornflake clusters to serve my sugar habit, but when they run out I’ll definitely be making these. For best effect, arrange them on a cooling rack in the pattern of one of the solos in ‘Through the Fire and Flames‘.

In fact, if you laid out that entire song in cupcakes, I wonder how many people it would feed. Answers on a comment-shaped-postcard.

Domestic Scientist (via Crafty Crafty)

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Laptop site "for women" launches with festive Gordon Ramsay live streaming recipes


Here’s my second food-related post of the day, with mews that Intel’s new web site will be officially launched by outspoken Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay.

Intel will live stream various recipes, tips and techniques from Ramsay during the Taste of Christmas event from 4th-7th December. As well as a daily live webcast of Gordon’s theatre event, there will be live chats with the likes of Angela Hartnett, Jason Atherton and Stuart Gilles (protégés, apparently)…