It's a coat! It's a bag! It's a tent!


If you travel a lot, you appreciate convergence gadgets – those ones that combine two or three different gadgets into one. Is this going a bit far, though? It’s a coat that also serves as a bag and a tent(!).

The product of designer Justin Gargasz, this is just a concept so you won’t be able to buy it, but it’s pretty well-constructed. Made of Cordura, the excess material when in jacket form is rolled into the lower back to provide lumbar support. The arms of the jacket act as a handle when you’re in bag mode.

The only problem that I can forsee would come if it rained. If you’ve got a soaking wet tent, are you really going to want to put it on to try and keep you dry the rest of the day? One for dry weekends only, I think.

(via LikeCool)

Keyboard with hidden draw is the perfect example of convergence


Feel that the Star Wars figurines and comical Lolcat print-outs littering your desk aren’t doing enough to display your geek cred? For £24.99, you can amaze your colleagues with even more Princess Leia collectibles hidden away in the depths of this working keyboard.

Yes, I said working keyboard. It’s obviously not going to be as good quality as your Logitech sitting in front of you,…