New mirrors reflect text the right way round


Mathematician Andrew Hicks is clever. So clever, in fact, that he’s managed to work out how to get a mirror to display text that displays the correct way around, as in the picture above. Mightily impressive, no?

He’s also done some other faintly magical stuff with mirrors, including a wing mirror that can display a 45 degree field-of-view, undistorted, and a mirror that reflects 360 degrees around you, again with no distortion.

Check out the full gallery of mirror fun at New Scientist.

Sony Ericsson announces 'affordable' C510 Cyber-shot, and W508 Walkman mobiles


I always get slightly confused by the way Sony doesn’t group its gadgets by what they are, just by broad product ranges. As a result, there are cameras and phones with the Cyber-shot badge, and MP3 players and mobiles with the Walkman badge. From the product name alone, it’s often impossible to tell what the device is.

Well, to clear up the confusion, both the products here are phones. The first is an ‘affordable’ 3.2 megapixel cameraphone, called the C510. Although there’s a comparative lack of megapixels on the sensor compared to other cameraphones, it’s got plenty of features to make up for it.