Argonart unveils the Skull gaming PC


This Skull PC case is the work of Argonart – a Midlands-based company who specialise in custom built sculptures. The photo shows it in its early design stage – check out the video for a look at it in action.

The Skull is handmade out of 3mm aluminium alloy and is an example of a gaming PC casing that customers can have made to order. The spec of the PC is also up to the customer – although it would be pointless to have this scary-looking casing hosting a low-end PC. You want to be doing some serious gaming with a monster like this.

I particularly like the way the DVD drive comes out of the skull’s mouth whilst the eyes look menacingly on.

As far as customisable PC casings go – this is about the coolest I’ve seen. If you’re interested in having one made contact Argonart directly and get a quote. The skull design would set you back about £2,000 for the case.