Apple iPhone announcement in London tomorrow: will O2 be confirmed as network provider?

I think we all know by now, don’t we. Since UK journalists were invited last week to the top secret press conference at Apple’s Regent Street store, rumours have been circulating over just what they’ll be announcing, and everyone’s finger keeps on being pointed in one direction – the iPhone.

The Guardian is reporting today that after months of wrangling, O2 has been chosen as the exclusive network carrier for the iPhone in the UK, a deal which one operator told the newspaper was “madly money-losing”. T-Mobile, Vodafone and Orange were all being courted by Apple as well, and reportedly pulled out when the stakes got too high and the figures being mentioned meant they wouldn’t actually earn any money from the deal whatsoever.

Infact, 40% of revenue gained will be returned to Apple, it’s being rumoured, leaving not much for the actual carrier to play with. Sources who spoke to the Guardian are claiming that all four networks were played off against one another by Apple, all believing they had an exclusive, confirmed deal for the iPhone…

Shiny Video Interview: Kat chats to Richard Warmsley, Head of Internet on the Move at T-Mobile UK

Last Thursday I grabbed a few minutes to chat with Richard Warmsley, Head of Internet on the Move at T-Mobile UK, about their Web ‘n Walk, Music Jukebox and other services available to customers. And also to tease him about his straight-to-the-point job title. Hey, it’s better than Communications Manager, non?…