The… brace yourselves… TARDIS wardrobe

The must-have Christmas gift of 2008 for the 3-11-year-old demographic, it is, and we can hardly believe such an amazing item exists, a TARDIS wardrobe! It is such a great idea. One of the world’s best ideas, alongside automatically slicing bread with a machine and trainers with air in the soles for extra bounciness.

Fashioned out of the finest canvas and non-sustainable pine, the TARDIS wardrobe boasts a “single rail” and “zippable doors.” But it’s not about features. It’s about shape and colour, and saying “POLICE BOX” in the correct font.


It is also the ideal Christmas gift for those in the 33-49-year-old sci-fi fan demographic, along with some Babylon 5 slippers…

Sony works with three Japanese artists to produce limited edition skins for Vaio, Walkman and earbuds

Now, I’m by no means a Sony fan, but phwroar, check out these tasty new products from the big ESSSS themselves.

Alright, they’re not exactly ‘new’, but have simply received a splash of paint to celebrate their Canvas at Sony art installation. Pictured are the NW-A808 MP3 players (for $228) and VAIO VGN-CR90…