CES 2009: Touch screen gadgets alienate blind tech fans, says schoolground blind icon Stevie Wonder


It’s all well and good you sitting there, staring at the Palm Pre and imagining yourself navigating its menus after having successfully blagged one for free off your provider, but what about the needs of the blind? You haven’t considered them at all, have you, you selfish little shit?

That’s an issue Stevie Wonder is in Las Vegas to raise, highlighting the fact that the new wave of touch screen gadgets is making many of today’s hot new electric toys impossible for blind users to operate…

Giving the blind a look-in.. Meet the Samsung Touch Sight Camera

Among the many winners announced at the 2008 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), the Samung ‘Touch Sight’ Camera clearly stands out as a winner of note.

A class bit of design genius from the tech-bods at Samsung, the ‘Touch Sight’ deservedly won the Gold Medal in their Communication Tools (concept) category, and in my opinion, now deserves every bit of free publicity it can get. So, i’m happily doing exactly that.

Designed specifically for those with impaired vision, the revolutionary camera allows it’s user to take ‘pictures’ of whatever they like, and like a sort of blind-man’s polaroid, it immediately displays the image, not on an LCD screen, but on a raised Braille display sheet on the back of the camera.