New Doctor Who hitting iTunes – one series a week popping up during December


Doctor Who, a show which chronicles the increasingly camp adventures of a time travelling man who gets his clothes from a Help The Aged sale rack and solves everything from interplanetary war to tooth decay by shouting while pointing a screwdriver at a broken numeric keypad, is coming to iTunes.

BBC worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC that’s allowed to sell things for money, is dumping every episode of the new Who on Apple’s shopping system. Episodes from the first series of the modern Who should be ready for buying and downloading today…

Video Preview: Voice-activated Dalek for Doctor Who fans

Proper daleks don't respond to voice controls very well. You say 'don't zap me!', they ignore you and shout 'Exterminate!', and basically it's all a bit of a shambles. Ah well.

Shiny Shiny's Susi has found a dalek that's more polite, however. It's a voice-controlled dalek, which can react to movement, answer questions, and generally behave more like a decent, upstanding member of society. Check it out below: