Wii-Dum, Wii-Step & Wii-Skab – Nintendo controllers beginning to border the ridiculous


With the Wii Fit proving to be bigger than Jesus right now, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to see more Nintendo controller accessories thrust into the market, but somehow it is, especially when we’re talking dumbbells, a step and a skateboard.

You can fit the WiiMote straight into the 1.7lb WiDums and use them to tone your triceps in WiiFit, Jillian Michaels, Golds Gym Cardio, EA Sports Active and Fitness Ultimatum 2005. What fun they all sound like. In three months time, they also double as very handy paperweights.


The unfortunately named WiSkab attaches directly to the Balance Board and allows you to tilt and pump in all kinds of directions as if you were gliding on wheels or snow. It’s the size of a full size skate deck and will work with Skate it, Shaun White Snowboarding and We Ski and Snowboard.


Last of all is the Aerobic Step which raises you Balance Board up to a height of 4″ for an authentic step class experience. It’ll support up to 350lbs, so provided you can get yourself up to stand on the thing, then it’ll work for you. It comes with rubber pegs to stop you sliding around the floor and, like the other two, it ships from CTA Digital from 29th May. No word on the pricing just yet but I’d plump for around the £30/40 mark.

Zara on EA Sports Active:

Susi on Wii Fit:

Man dies using Wii Fit – port and kebab diet possibly to blame


A 25-year-old scout leader from Yarmouth died while using his Wii Fit making this the first balance board related death in history, or at least the first I’ve heard of.

Tim Eves was found by his girlfreind and flatmate in March slumped on the floor presumably with the machine still running and encouraging him to pick up the pace and not to be such a slow coach.

Mr Eves had just got back from holiday in Lisbon celebrating his mother’s birthday and it was she to whom Mr Eves last spoke moments before his death. She said:

“We spoke to him on the phone when he was playing on the Wii machine. He told us he had just ordered himself a kebab and was sitting there with a glass of port.”

“But a little while after he had put the phone down, he collapsed for no reason. It was completely out of the blue.”

The body is currently undergoing a post-mortem but for the while it is being treated as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, which is, of course, a fancy way of saying that they haven’t got a clue.

It seems unlikely the Wii was to blame. Personally, I’d look to the diet of port and kebabs. It might also be worth noting that according to his mum, Mr Eves had only ordered the kebab and not yet eaten it. That puts the the delivery man right in the frame for me. I’m sure I’ve dished out enough drunken abuse in kebab shops over the years for someone to decide that enough is enough. Apparently, I’m not alone.

(via Telegraph)