Google updates Chrome – faster, more stable and now with form autofill too

I may not be enamoured by gmail but I’m a sucker for Google Chrome. I admit it. So, it brings me great pleasure that the G-Lords have just updated their browser by making it 30% faster at loading Java-heavy pages and added a couple of features too.

The new version of Google’s WebKit, on which the sofware’s based, and the V8 Java engine are to thank for a lot of the improvement but, if it’s tweaks you’re after, then you’ll be pleased to hear they’ve added the auto form-fill and a degree of discretion by allowing you to delete thumbnails from the “most viewed pages” section. What you browse when you’re not reading Tech Digest will, of course, go no further.

If you haven’t tried Chrome, I’d recommend giving it a blast. If you’re using Firefox, I’m not going to argue. I’d risk the wrath of a certain Mr Rawlins if I didn’t give a shout out to Opera and, if you’re using IE, please stop.

(via Google Blog)