Gmail turns babelfish with auto-message translator


gmail-icon.gifThe addiction that is gmail has added yet another feature to its burgeoning tool kit in the shape of an automatic translator. “Yay,” I hear you cry, “now, I can read about cheap VIaGra in all the languages I can possibly be spammed in.” Thanks gmail.

If you’d like to sample this dawning of a new age, you’ll have to switch on the Google Labs feature to enjoy it. It’ll automatically translate whatever e-mails arrive in your inbox in Johnny Foreigner’s tongue and put them into Google’s version of your own land’s language.

Naturally, it’s bound to produce large piles of unintelligible nonsense whenever it has a go at proper nouns or anything approaching an idiom, so it could be worth it just for the craic. And the VIaGra.

(via Shiny Shiny)

Daniel Sung
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