Last week’s Flash Game Challenge victor was won by Neil, with a world-beating score of 16,045,290 on his 3rd try. Not bad at all. Give yourself a pat on the back, Neil.

This week, there’s a more cerebral game for you. It’s a bit like a budget version of amazing TV gameshow Catchphrase, where it presents you with a phrase depicted graphically, and you have to work out which one, of three, it’s supposed to be,

You’ll need your thinking cap on for this – get it wrong, and you lose a life. Lose three lives and you’re out. I scored 24 in 112 seconds on my second go. Beat that, and post your winning score in the comments below.

Armour Academy

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FLASH GAME CHALLENGE: Achievement Unlocked


Okay, you’ve had two weeks on Sock and Awe. The winner is Phage, who scored 15 hits on ol’ Bushy. Congratulations, Phage! This week, however, we’ve got a challenge of a different kind.

Today’s game is called Achievement Unlocked. You’re an elephant, and there are 99 achievements to collect. You’ve got to get all of them (or as many as you can). Some are easy, some aren’t so easy.

I spent far too long on the game over lunch, and took 1334 seconds to collect all of them. I might have alt-tabbed for a bit in the middle of that, too – so it should be fairly easy to beat. Let us know how you manage in the comments below.

Achievement Unlocked (via Kotaku)

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