EMI adding over 400,000 new tunes to We7's free streaming library


We7, the free-to-use ad-funded music site that’s famously the brainchild of musical wildcard Peter Gabriel will, finally, soon feature the Peter Gabriel back catalogue in its listings.

This is thanks to music goliath EMI announcing a deal to stick 400,000 of its songs up on the streaming service before the end of the year, a move which will significantly boost the amount of content on the rapidly-growing free music site. Sony BMG…

Google launches ad-funded music search service in China, to battle local piracy


Google is trying to succeed where all have failed, by stemming the impact of piracy in China.

Its latest venture, an ad-funded music search service, hopes to go some way toward making a bit of money out of flogging music in China, a country where it’s believed 99% of all music distributed has been obtained illegally somewhere along the line.

Google’s music search service will lets users browse “tens of thousands” of songs…