Google and Microsoft may be ready for fight over Digg sale


Digg, the user-generated news site, may be close to being sold off to the highest bidder. According to TechCrunch, a source very close to the alleged deal, four companies are interested in buying Digg, including Microsoft and Google.

Remember the face-off (ahem) between the two giants over Facebook? We could be set to see a similar battle — that is, if the other two “media/news companies” aren’t successful.

Bebo $1bn acquisition "definitely happened", sources claim

bebo_logo.pngAnyone interested more in the financial side of social networks, rather than simply adding tons of weird applications and spending hours turning down odd friend requests and notifications, may like to know that, according to “a high level source”, the social network Bebo has signed an acquisition deal thought to be worth $1bn.

Yes, that’s a whole lot of cash. Previosuly, Facebook had been “valued” at anywhere from $6bn to $15bn, though the rumoured Microsoft take-over never happened.

Is Rupert Murdoch eyeing up LinkedIn for a possible acquisition?

rupert-murdoch-linkedIn.jpgThis geezer attempting a smile here is none other than Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp. They already own MySpace, and a bunch of other online properties, but you see, herein lies the problem: old Mr. Murdoch is quite greedy, and if rumours are true, he’s considering buying LinkedIn.

The possible acquisition is rumoured to take place in January 2008, and as Tech Crunch states, LinkedIn’s…