Acer's F900 smartphone heads to UK


After debuting at Mobile World Congress the pleasent little Acer F900 has cut a lonely figure, cast firmly in the shadow of the smartphone war that still rages between Palm Pre and iPhone 3G.

The F900 has it’s own original UI too you know! Its got a 3.8inch VGA screen, its got intuitive web-browsing and widgets, its got Adobe Flash Lite support! You’re not listening are you? Because it’s not a Palm Pre or an iPhone. I don’t blame you. I don’t want one either.

The Acer F900 isn’t sexy, in fact it’s eminently plain, it’s a digestive biscuit of a phone. And an expensive biscuit at £429. It probably won’t sell well in the high street, so Acer will sell them en-mass to businesses who’ll farm them out to their footsoldiers – and they’ll be grateful – won’t you.

Acer to bring Android handsets later this year with Android netbooks to match


At the beginning of the year, Acer announced they had no plans for Android handsets at their first mobile launch largely because their accompanying laptops run on Windows. It makes sense. So, one day after the Dell-abee PC giant announced they’d have an Android handset in the marketplace by Q4 this year, it’s perhaps of little surpise that we now find out they’ll have a netbook to back it up.

In a speech at Computex, the company’s global head of IT, Jim Wong said:

“Today’s netbooks are not close to perfection at all. In two years, it will all be very different. If we do not continue to change our mobile Internet devices, consumers may not choose then any more.”

The company will continue to sell Windows based mini-systems but as much as analysts say the move could cause a serious blow to Microsoft in the PC department, it’s more the mobile field where I believe the Ballmer Inc. will suffer. If there are Android computers to synch up your phones with, then why would anyone bother with Windows Mobile at all?