Steve Jobs is dead, claim Bloomberg


It’s not much of a secret that many newspapers and TV stations keep pre-prepared obituaries of famous people, so that they can be first on the news when it breaks and just hit “publish”, but if that obituary accidentally leaks early then it can be very embarrassing for all concerned. Exactly that happened today when financial wire service Bloomberg accidentally published their obituary of Steve Jobs…

Warning! This iPhone will self-destruct if opened…

It seems that some unfortunate who was trying to physically hack open an iPhone in order to modify the hardware to unlock it from AT&T caused it to “explode”.

The victim explained:

The antenna cover was a bit tricky but eventually it came off. Then we started to open the metal cover (after taking out the 3 screws) and PUFF, up it went in smoke… It literally went up in black smoke. I[t] was so hot that when I tried to pick it up I burnt my fingers. So, this is for shure [sic] the most difficult part of the whole process. I don’t know what he did, as I had just stepped out of the room to fetch something when I heard a scream…they got such a fright. I will post a photo of the iphone… To everybody out there, be carefull….