The future of Xbox 360 is orange – Sainsbury's starts selling the Xbox 360 Arcade for £99


That’s £99 for a console that’s had its price slashed to £129 a couple of weeks ago anyway. Aren’t things in shops supposed to be getting MORE expensive?

As well as reducing the “entry level” non-hard drive Xbox 360 Arcade to £99 as from today as part of its pre-Christmas price warring, Sainsbury’s is also going against retail recommendations and selling the regular 60GB Xbox 360 for £139…

Philips' Xenium 9@9 mobile phone has a battery life of two months, apparently

philips-xenium.jpgWe’ve all been there, on a night out, when your mobile phone dies right as you’re trying to phone for a taxi. You can try and carry around a gizmo like Proporta’s emergency charger, but what are the odds you’ll remember to charge that up? The only reasonable answer lies with Philips.

They’ve developed a confusingly-named Xenium 9@9 mobile, which has TWO MONTHS OF BATTERY LIFE. That…