Seagate Fail part two: firmware fix breaks other drives


Poor Seagate. Late last week, the news broke that their Barracuda 7200.11 1TB drives were failing en masse. Admirably, the company’s already published a firmware fix, but maybe they pushed it out a little too fast because it’s causing 500GB drive owners’ discs to fail en masse.

The update has been taken offline for the moment, and users of 1TB and 750GB drives are reporting successful updates, but if you’re on a 500GB drive and you’ve downloaded but not installed the update, then I certainly don’t recommend doing so just yet.

Seagate Forum (via Tom’s Hardware)

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Pioneer on a roll, develops 500GB optical disc

pioneer_16layer_disc.jpgOnly last month we were heralding Pioneer’s development of a 400GB optical disc, and just a month later its researchers have popped on another four layers and 100GB of storage to create a half terabyte disc.

In actual fact, to be fair, Pioneer has simply confirmed the “viability” of such a disc, which may or may not exist in a laboratory somewhere. The company believes that the technology, based on the same techniques used to make current 25GB and 50GB Blu-ray discs, is easier and cheaper to produce than holographic discs…