iPhone 3G S – what's under the bonnet?


Rapid Repair has dissected the iPhone 3GS and have identified the technology that makes Apple’s new baby the fastest iPhone ever.

First off the processor – the Samsung S5PC100 based on the ARM Cortex A8 design – is much faster than older versions. 600Mhz compared to the iPhone 3G’s 412Mhz.

The 3GS has a PowerVR SGX graphics chip made by Imagination Technologies – far superior to the prior-generation graphics chip in the older models. RAM has been doubled to 256MB.

Apple are promising that the iPhone 3GS will be better, performance wise, to its older siblings in every way. These technical specifications seem to support this promise.

Get your iPhone 3GS direct from Apple or via O2. If you’ve got one already, let us know what you think – is it much faster?