REVIEW: Samsung ML-1865 monochrome laserjet printer

In an age in which you can pick up a decent multi-functional colour inkjet printer and still get change back from £100 you'd be forgiven for believing that the days of the humble monochrome laserjet were numbered. However Samsung's latest laserjet model, the ML-1865, may well sway naysayers who say that the monochrome printer is dead. Read on to find out why.

HP printer range with wireless and touchscreen features

From HP comes a new range of Photosmart printers complete with TouchSmart touch-sensitive technology which HP claims means that even the youngest family members can print photos without using a PC.

Using the built-in memory card slot and HP TouchSmart screen you can navigate and select photo collections. There are automatic adjustments for red-eye, lighting and colour.

Alternatively the HP Photo Print Gadget allows you to drag and drop photos to a desktop icon from virtually anywhere – folders, applications, e-mail and websites.
HP software will also intelligently edit and crop photos to suit the photo paper size.

Many of the printers in the new HP Photosmart series have built-in wireless features to provide flexible printing for all the family to use around the home, including the HP Photosmart with Wireless, HP Photosmart Plus and the HP Photosmart Premium.

Using the iPrint Photo application, iPhone and iPod touch users can also print wirelessly.

HP introduces first ever web connected printer


Yeah printers are boring, we know. But not the HP PhotoSmart Premium with TouchSmart Web. Oh no. This printer is so far from boring, it’s positively intoxicating.

Ok, it’s not that exciting but as far as printers go, it’s pretty cool. You see, dear readers, the HP PhotoSmart Premium is the first printer that will connect directly to the web.

It has a 4.33-inch screen in order to access its internet apps. Yes, that’s right, I said apps. On a printer.

HP has struck up partnerships with USA Today, Google, Fandango,, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, Web Sudoku and Weathernews so as users can select the relevant app and access, and directly print if required, news, maps, coupons, tickets, recipes, personal calendars and more – all at the touch of a button. Users can also connect directly to Snapfish to print their own digital photos.

The printer prints, faxes, copies and scans. It can print directly from Wi-Fi-enabled PCs, Bluetooth devices and the iPhone.

Out in the Autumn across the pond for $399, the model is expected in the UK next year.

(via HP)

Xerox ColorQube revolutionary solid ink printer


You won’t often catch me writing about printers but then it’s not often that a revolutionary one comes out. Meet the Xerox ColorQube or at least its colour ink cartridges, anyway. Unlike most printers, these ones are solid and not powder or liquid.

These waxy lumps are melted down and sprayed onto the paper and work out around 62% cheaper than normal cartridges which would be fine if the ColorQube didn’t cost $20,000 in the first place.

The new technology is all part of Xerox’s plan to get people to print in colour. Last year, of the forest flattening 2.25 trillion pages printed in offices worldwide, just 15% were printed in colour, largely because, until now, it’s cost a bomb.

The ColorQube runs off pages at 85 per minute and is apparently perfect in every other way except for the typo.

(via WSJ)

Samsung promise "Fastest Colour Laser Printer"


We don’t often do printers round these parts any more, being total converts to the paperless office. In fact, it’s been ages since I physically wrote something on paper. Occasionally, though, you do have to print something out, so you’ll need a printer.

When you do, you don’t want to be hanging around, so I thought I’d share the news that Samsung has invented its fastest ever colour printer – the CLP-770ND. This baby can pump out 32 pages per minute, with the first one showing up just 11 seconds after you hit the ‘print’ button.

You’re unlikely to want this thing in your house – it’s aimed more at the corporate world – but it packs an 80GB hard drive and 720MHz processor, if high specs are what you want from a printer. It comes with 256MB of memory onboard, expandable to 1GB if you want things even faster.

The CLP-770ND will be out in June, and cost an unannounced amount. Expect the toner cartridges to cost you a vast amount more.

SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: Polaroid PoGo Printer

Here’s the Polaroid PoGo. It’s a photo-printer. Lucy checks it out above. It’s Bluetooth, it’s fast, and it’s only £90 or so. The little prints that you get out are 2″ x 3″. Remember that refill cartridges will cost you extra, so budget in for those, too, if you planning to get one.

Polaroid PoGo Printer

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Kodak to launch two all-in-one inkjet printers with low-cost ink refills


Kodak has announced its latest series of inkjet printers, the ESP 7 (pictured) and ESP 9, featuring the ability to print, copy, scan, and fax documents. Nothing particularly new there, but what is welcome is that Kodak claims to offer the lowest ink replacement cost in the industry.

Printer consumables is where the serious money is made, but Kodak’s printing technology and premium-quality inks could save users up to £75 per year (has anyone thought about setting up an ink cartridge price comparison site?)…