Will the Metaverse Consist of a Multitude of Mini VR Worlds?


According to VR projections and Meta leader Mark Zuckerberg, more than one billion people will be using the metaverse by 2030. The Facebook founder believes that there will be one VR world in which people work, socialise, and consume entertainment.

Zuckerberg’s vision may not be accurate, however, and nobody knows exactly how Web3 will look in VR. There’s a chance that, rather than have one metaverse, there will be an almost infinite number of mini VR worlds for users to choose from.


Slots Market Offers a Glimpse of How the Metaverse Could Look

The online casino industry was one of the greatest success stories of the internet era, predating even social media. There’s no doubt that the behemoth sector is going to have a massive influence on Web3, as developers are constantly striving to integrate new technology.

Looking through the online slot games of today’s market, it’s clear that studios are striving for greater immersion. Games like Golden Odyssey, Sky Queen Megaways, and Play With the Devil all have detailed thumbnails that entice players into another world of reels and symbols. Thanks to modern graphics, these titles are more immersive than ever. They still include the foundational mechanics of slot machines, but also include new features, cut scenes, and animations.

NetEnt has already experimented with the concept of VR slot games. When VR first came onto the scene, the leading studio came up with Jack’s World VR. Players could walk around a digital environment and play a giant version of a slot game within it. This is an idea that could easily fit with contemporary slot themes, where studios aim to take players on journeys to different fantasy lands and historical eras.

Mini VR Worlds Within a Wider Metaverse Could Make Sense

If the metaverse does come to fruition, there’s clearly a problem to be addressed when it comes to choosing entertainment options. Currently, internet users enjoy scrolling through the various choices on iGaming platforms and streaming services. Once they see something they like the look of, they can then select it easily. In the metaverse, there needs to be a function like this to keep up with modern trends.


This means that there could be home screens within the metaverse in which users can scroll through the selections, just as they would do on the current form of the internet. Once they have chosen the thing they want, they could then be sucked into a mini VR world within the greater metaverse that uses the themes of that choice.

For example, if a player wants to choose a slot game like Beware The Deep Megaways, they will be transported to an underwater VR world in which the reel spinner is set. When they’ve finished, they could jump back to the main metaverse and then choose something else. This format would be in line with today’s internet trends, while also giving people a new way to experience their favourite things.

There’s still a lot that we don’t know about the metaverse, and we can only speculate about how it might look. However, judging by what’s hot right now, there’s a strong chance that it could be made up of loads of mini VR worlds.

Tech Digest Correspondent