Facebook struggling with deep fake video, Apple Vision Pro’s weaknesses revealed


The Apple Vision Pro has already been torn to pieces – and experts believe it has shown its “achilles heel”. The new augmented reality headset was released on 2 February, at $3,499 and after years of rumours. One of the first to buy one was iFixit, the website that tears technology apart in an attempt to understand how easy it is to fix. The company’s experts noted that the “achilles heel” of repairing the headset might be the large display on the front, which sometimes shows a virtual version of the eyes of its wearer, to let people know that they can see into the real world. Independent 

Tesla owners have been reminded to keep their eyes on the road after videos of drivers wearing Apple’s virtual reality headset have gone viral. US Secretary for Transport Pete Buttigieg posted on X (formerly Twitter) to say that all current vehicles require the driver to be engaged “at all times”. However, one driver admitted his video was a prank. Tesla and Apple have been contacted for comment. Videos posted online show people in the drivers seats of cars which have an autonomous mode, while wearing the Apple headset over their eyes. BBC

Sir Nick Clegg has admitted Facebook is struggling to combat the spread of fake videos, after Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak were targeted by AI impersonators. Meta’s head of global affairs said the company would introduce new rules to try and halt the spread of synthetic videos that seek to manipulate users, but added it lacked the technology to stop them outright. Sir Nick said while Meta had now developed new tools to automatically detect images altered with AI, it could not yet replicate this for video or sound recordings. Telegraph 

An Australian computer scientist’s claim to be the author of the founding text of bitcoin is a “brazen lie”, the high court has heard. Craig Wright’s assertion that he is the pseudonymous author Satoshi Nakamoto was at the centre of a trial that began on Monday, where the 53-year-old is being sued by a group of cryptocurrency exchanges and developers. Jonathan Hough KC, representing the Crypto Patent Alliance [Copa], told the high court that Wright’s claim was a “brazen lie and elaborate false narrative supported by forgery on an industrial scale.” The Guardian 

A $5.2 billion cash and share deal to sell the key Russian assets of technology group Yandex often labelled as “Russia’s Google”, to a consortium of Russian investors was announced on Monday after months of negotiations. Moscow has long sought to gain more influence over Yandex, set up in the dotcom boom in the late 1990s, as it became a key player in online services such as search and advertising, email, ride-hailing, e-commerce, cloud and streaming. Reuters 

Asus is expected to launch a Zenfone 11 soon but it may finally offer a larger screen version of its flagship this time around A new leak uncovered by Reddit user Td3v1l while digging through the latest ROG 8 firmware update gives us our first look at the Zenfone 11 Ultra with a series of renders, including the retail packaging box as well as a detailed spec sheet.

Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra leaked images Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra leaked images
Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra leaked images

As the name implies this will be a larger version of the regular Zenfone 11 and it looks very close to the ROG 8 Pro in terms of design. Asus could try a new approach by targeting a broader audience with the Zenfone 11 Ultra and its more subtle, mainstream design compared to the ROG Phone 8 series. GSM Arena

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