Drive Electric expands EV benefits for EDF customers

Electric Vehicles

DriveElectric is lowering the cost of driving an electric vehicle (EV) even further, it claims, by launching additional new cost-saving features to expand the benefits of its salary sacrifice scheme for EDF’s small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) business customers.

The salary sacrifice scheme can now include the option of a Pod Point home charger, a lower-cost electricity tariff, and 5,000 miles of free electricity upon purchase. The scheme already offers savings of up to 40% on the cost of an electric vehicle.

The Pod Point 7kW Solo 3 home charger, which won the What Car? ‘Best Home EV Charger 2023’ award, can be included in the sacrifice offer from £14 per month including standard installation. The Solo 3 offers EV drivers the ability to charge their vehicles up to three times faster than a standard 3-pin plug while benefitting from the charger’s in-built safety features.

Customers can also benefit from lower-cost electricity prices, by accessing Pod Point’s Exclusive EV tariff powered by EDF, that gives customers access to one of the cheapest tariffs in the UK for both their EV and their home. The zero carbon tariff offers customers an off-peak rate of 8.49p per kilowatt hour between the hours of midnight and 5am – during which drivers can schedule their EV to charge.

The Pod Point tariff, combined with a competitive daytime rate, claims DriveElectric, provides customers with one of the cheapest overall EV tariffs based on typical usage. Pod Point’s charge scheduling function also allows drivers to take advantage of EDF’s off-peak EV domestic tariff. In addition, customers will receive 5,000 miles of free electricity, via a credit into their EDF account.

Says Adam Kemp, Director of Partnerships, DriveElectric:

“Including an EV charger, an exclusive low cost and zero carbon electricity tariff, and 5,000 miles of free energy in our salary sacrifice scheme for EDF’s business customers now makes it an even more compelling offer. EVs have lower running costs than petrol and diesel cars anyway, and this new salary sacrifice package reduces these costs even further.”

Chris Price
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