What is Arbitrage Betting and how to earn on it?


Arbitrage betting is indeed a viable strategy for earning money in bookmakers, as many professional players have already confirmed. Today, we want to tell you about where it’s best to start working with this gaming system.

A brief introduction

Arbitrage betting involves a situation in betting where a player can wager on opposing outcomes of a specific match (fight, race) in such a way that they profit regardless of the final score.

All arbitrage bets are divided into live (more complex) and pre-match (simpler), depending on whether they arise in events that have not started yet or in matches currently in progress.

Let’s consider a simple example: suppose we have odds from two bookmakers on total over/under goals scored in the football match Barcelona vs Real Madrid:

B1: TU 2.5 – 1.82, TO 2.5 – 2.18;  B2: TU 2.5 – 2.12, TO 2.5 – 1.76.

If we place $200 on TO 2.5 at B1 and $200 on TU 2.5 at B2 – we win at least $24 regardless of the final result. 

If you’ll ask: does arbitrage betting work? Our answer would be – surely. However, for successful earnings with this betting strategy, it is crucial to:

  • Determine the initial bankroll.
  • Allocate time for working.
  • Choose bookmakers and arbitrage services.
  • Distribute funds wisely.

Useful tips for beginners

Initial bankroll. Essentially, you can start with a bankroll of 100 euros/dollars, but experienced arbers recommend starting with 500-600 euros. Having such a turnover allows you to generate a decent monthly income. Later, you can increase your bankroll, and consequently, your profit.

Time for work. If you’ll spend only 30 minutes a day for this betting strategy, you won’t achieve significant income. It’s justified to start working with arbitrage bets if you are willing to dedicate 15-20 hours per week to this activity. Later, you can reduce this time when you gain experience and start working with live arbs.

Bookmakers. One of the crucial factors in working with arbitrage situations is the correct choice of bookmakers. The optimal choice is a combination of a few strong and arber-friendly bookmakers (Pinnacle + Sbobet) along with less arber-friendly but frequently involved in arbitrage situations bookmakers (Marathonbet, WilliamHill, Bet365, etc.).

Arbitrage service. Working with arbitrage situations involves both independent search and, due to the complexity of the process, arbers increasingly prefer to use arbitrage scanners. Currently, the undisputed leader among such services is BetBurger. This service analyzes the lines of over 300 bookmakers for arbitrage situations and provides its clients with information in a convenient table format. Arbers can choose the most suitable arbitrage opportunity and place bets with just one click on the respective bookmakers’ websites.


Operating with arbitrage betting or positive ev sports betting (another popular strategy) can bring real income to players, but they must understand how to use this betting system correctly. By the way, on the website of the aforementioned arbitrage scanner BetBurger, there is an excellent section with educational materials that will help you understand all the key features of this strategy.


Tech Digest Correspondent