TikTok allows under 13s on platform investigation claims, end of an era for Toshiba


TikTok faces questions over safeguards
for child users after a Guardian investigation found that moderators were being told to allow under-13s to stay on the platform if they claimed their parents were overseeing their accounts. In one example seen by the Guardian, a user who declared themselves to be 12 in their account bio, under TikTok’s minimum age of 13, was allowed to stay on the platform because their user profile stated the account was managed by their parents. The Guardian 

Owners of certain electric vehicles could save “hundreds of pounds” on their energy bills by using electricity stored in the batteries to power their homes, according to the government. Using bidirectional charging, or two-way charging, households could fuel their cars when electricity costs are lowest – at off-peak hours during the night- and use it in their home at peak times when prices are higher, the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero said. There are some 950,000 fully electric cars and 50,000 electric vans on UK roads a study from EV charging station app, ZapMap found. Sky News 

There was a time when more than one of your TVs, computers, speaker systems or other essential electronic goods would have been made by Toshiba. Once a poster boy for Japan’s dominance in electronics – known as Japan Inc – the company has delisted, ending a 74-year history with Tokyo’s stock exchange. So why did one of Japan’s most famous industrial names have such a spectacular fall from grace? It all started in 2015 when accounting malpractices across multiple divisions came to light, with many of them involving top management. For seven years, Toshiba had overstated its profit by $1.59bn (£1.25bn). BBC 

A secretive construction project on Kauai is being undertaken to create a compound for Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Included in the plans for Koolau Ranch in Hawai’i are two mega-mansions, 11 treehouses connected by bridges, and a massive underground bunker, an investigation by Wired has revealed. Plans obtained by the magazine showed designs for a 5,000-square-foot subterranean lair complete with an escape hatch and blast-proof doors. A tunnel connecting the two huge mansions will also lead to the bunker. Evening Standard

One of the industry’s best VPN services has just released a new dedicated Apple TV VPN app. NordVPN is the latest provider that, following Apple’s support of third-party VPN applications introduced with the tvOS 17 update, has decided to develop an app to help users boost their streaming experience.  This means that you won’t have to go through daunting installation processes to enjoy international content libraries—and shoring up your privacy while using Apple’s popular smart TV device is just as easy. Tech Radar 

With tears in his eyes, Trevor Milton made his final plea to a judge in a court in Manhattan this week to try and avoid a prison term that, under federal guidelines, could be 27 years or longer. He had had no intention to harm anyone and he “did not commit those crimes” he said. It came to little. Milton was this week sentenced to four years in prison and handed a $1m fine for defrauding investors in Nikola, the electric truck business he founded. Telegraph 




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