IT workers clock up over 30 hours of overtime every month


  • 84% of UK workers feel pressured to work additional hours to meet job demands.
  • One in four Brits who work overtime is doing so without extra pay.
  • The average Brit clocks up 23 hours of overtime each month. 

New research has revealed that 84% of Brits feel pressured to work overtime in their job role, with expectations of fulfilling job demands being the top reason for those going above and beyond.

Moneypenny surveyed 1,000 UK workers to discover which industries are most likely to work overtime, the hours they clock up, along with the impact on well-being and personal relationships. 

Top five industries clocking up the most overtime:

The survey included respondents from a total of 25 industries, with 52% admitting they work overtime weekly and the average employee putting in an extra 23 hours of overtime each month. But, which industries are overworking Brits the most?

Law Enforcement and Security workers are the most overworked, according to the survey, with the majority in the sector staying behind to finish work an average of 12.6 days each month. The Brits in this industry clock up a whopping 35.2 hours of overtime each month, with the contracted working hours for this sector being a weekly average of 37, employees are putting in almost a week’s worth of extra labour each month. 

Business, Consulting and Management are the second most likely sectors for Brits working overtime. The average worker will put in an extra 32.24 hours each month. With the average employee staying behind almost 10 and a half days each month, those working within the industry will add an additional 3.1 hours to their working day. 

Information and Technology closely tie with Energy and Utilities, with both working nearly an additional 31 hours each month. Whilst Media and Internet clock up the least amount of hours among the top five, with 29 hours of overtime worked each month. 





Average days worked overtime in a month

Average hours of overtime a week  Average hours of overtime in a month
Law Enforcement and Security 12.6 2.8hrs  35.2hrs
Business, Consulting and Management  10.4 3.1hrs 32.24hrs
Information and Technology 11 2.8hrs 30.8hrs
Energy and Utilities  9.6 3.2hrs 30.72hrs 
Media and Internet  10.3 2.9hrs 29hrs 

Please note: This is five out of 25 industries included in the study.

Impact of overtime on staff 

The study shows that working overtime, whether driven by job demands or economic factors, has a significant impact on lives outside of the workplace.

More than a quarter (26%) of respondents reported that working overtime harmed their physical health, while 23% cited adverse effects on their mental health. Additionally, more than one in six workers stated that overtime had caused relationship issues, with one in 12 even admitting that it had led to a breakup.

Has working overtime ever impacted any of the following  
It’s impacted my physical health 26.1%
It’s impacted my mental health 22.8%
It’s caused relationship problems with my other half (e.g. arguments) 15.7%
It’s impacted my social life heavily 15.4%
It’s impacted me being able to spend quality time with my family (e.g. children’s school events, birthdays etc.) 12.9%

In response to the findings, Fiona Armstrong, Chief People Officer for Moneypenny emphasised the significance of caring for employees and effectively managing overtime:

 “Caring for your employees and managing overtime is a critical practice for any business leader. In a world where performance and productivity often dominate the conversation, remember that a well-rested, engaged, and content workforce is the true driving force behind success.

“By taking care of your employees, you, in turn, take care of your business, so you should treat your team as your greatest asset.

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